Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet Drew!

Drew Ruth Smith
Born August 26, 2009
5 pounds 11 ounces
17 inches long

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow has it been that long!!

I can't believe how far behind you can get in the summer time!! Wow!! Well I do have a little more of an excuse but for the most part I'm a slacker!!
As most of you all know we are going to have a baby soon. She is the excuse I'm using for all of the slacking on our blog! We have had some adventures with this little one. I came down with the Fifths Disease or also know as the Human Parvo Virus at the first of June. I got it from Kara and Oakley! It is a childhood rash that you only get once and then your body has built up immunity to it! But I never got it as a child, so I was lucky enough to get it this summer. Usually in adults it runs it course of a rash and some aches and pains then you are good to go. Not the case for the pregnant mom!! I have had months of aches and pains where I walked worse then my 95 and 1/2 year old Grandma, then the doctors sent me to a specialist to have ultra sounds done every week to the baby to make sure she is okay. The virus cause anemia in babies, and when a baby goes anemic for to long it causes brain damage, from the lack of blood cells to the brain. Of course these specialist can't be found in our small town so I have had to travel to Provo each week to have our little one checked out!! She was doing great for some time so we kept our little issue quite hoping we could squeak by and have her not have the virus to bad! Well we weren't so lucky! 3 weeks ago her levels reached the dangerous zone, so they watched her closely and gave me steroids shots, in preparation for the worst, which scared me to death! We ended up having to do a blood transfusion to the baby almost 2 weeks ago to help bring her levels back to normal! The whole thing went smoothly, so they tell me!! Thank heavens for good drugs! They were able to do that right into her umbilical cord through my stomach! I still can't even believe all they can do, from transfusing the baby, and how the monitor her blood flow through the tiny veins in her little head!! Her new blood will only last for 10-12 days, so this means we will be getting our little one a whole month early!! Wednesday morning we will go in and have a sample taken and see if her lungs are okay and see what we will be dealing with then onto the delivery! I'm excited and scared at the same time! It has been fun to see my baby each week through the ultra sounds and actual watch her grow and not just my belly!! But the roller coaster of emotions has not been fun at all, but we are almost there!!
I need to express my gratitude to all of you for the well wish and all the prayers that have been sent our way! I know that is why we have had things go the way they have! I also have huge thank you to my girls!! They have been my nurses, when I have had my bad days! Oakley has been a huge help to pitch in with the house work and watching Kara, while I have had my appointments! Thank you Oaks, you are the best!! And to Greg for always knowing when I needed him!!
pictures to come later!

So my promise to you and my family is to get our blog back up to date,with our small summer adventures as soon as she is here!! I have some great Kara & Oakley moments I need to share before I forget them!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Okay! Okay!

Its a GIRL!! I have had a few people say why haven't you put it on your blog so there you have it!! Greg will be surrounded by girls, but he loves every minute of it!! I do have to tell you what he said after the ultrasound,"So that means we have to pay for 3 weddings!" I love this man!! His is truely the Best!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Okay it's has been a day or two!!!

Well first things first we are all still alive!!
And I have ton of catching up to do!!
So I guess I will share what we have been up to as a family. Can any one guess what it has been? If any of you said cows you win the prize!!! We have been busy, but we have still found time to play! First Greg competed in his first time ever Ranch Rodeo!! It was so much fun to watch!! Me and the girls have never laughed so hard and cheered so loud in our lives!! I hope he will continue to do these again I enjoyed watching him and his cowboy friends do this!
Some of the events included a trailer race, a rope & brand, one where they had to run down and get their horses, bring them back and saddle them then ride back! I can't remember what the called it! There was other events like a hide race, and more! It was so fun to watch and the girls would just cheer and shout for their Dad it was a great day!!
The next day we got ready to head out to the desert to do a little cowboy work! We have our mama cows turned out with some of our friends cows out on the desert and it was time to round them up and get all of the calves branded! There was a big crew of cowboys to help make the work go faster and boy was it work! After it was all done we enjoyed a dutch oven dinner that I cooked for them all! I love to dutch oven it is a lot of fun and I don't think anything taste better then food cooked in a dutch oven!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh my Lulu

I just had to add this before I forget about it! I was just fixing a broken sprinkler in our yard and when you do that you have to have the proper pant problem (so you can get the job done right!) So as I was kneeling down digging out the sprinkler for the second time(Kara came along when I went to go get more parts!)my Little Lulu shouts out to me "Hey Mom I can see your underwear, but at least I don't see your crack!! You never know what will just pop out of that girls mouth!!

And She Danced!!

Oakley has really enjoyed Dance this year! She has been taking a hip hop class, a technique class and her regular class with the girls her age! She has really grown a lot in her ability to dance and move this year! I love to go watch her preform and so does Kara, she is heard over the loud music shouting "GO SISSY GO!! and "SHAKE IT SISSY!!" It makes me so happy to know that they do love each other and enjoy watching each other, because somedays I really wonder about it! Here are a few pictures of SISSY SHAKIN' IT!![{wink}]

Monday, February 23, 2009

Guess What!?!?

I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag!! This is straight out of Kara's mouth MY MOMMY IS HAVING A BABY!! She tells every one very where we go, at the post office, grocery store and even the drive through at McDonald's, so I thought I would beat her to it!! So there you go!